At the moment there are no available lots.

New construction holiday home

    • Location plot; green, water and outer edge
    • Land area varies from 175m2 to 300m2
    • Different types of holiday homes
    • Rental through Holiday Park De Groote Vliet
    • Turnkey delivery

Planning construction holiday home

Construction work starts: October / November, ready to rent July 1. Unfortunately, the delivery date is uncertain at the moment, due to planning contractor and delivery of materials

The holiday homes are rented out in a system that tries to ensure that each holiday home to be rented out has as equal a number of rental weeks and total rental income as possible. Differences in the total rental income per holiday home per year can arise due to, for example, preference bookings and blocked periods by the owner himself. The owner pays a 25% fee to De Groote Vliet for the rental mediation. If there is a collaboration with a partner / tour operator / intermediary, the fee could be adjusted.
De Groote Vliet uses this reimbursement for:

» Taking care of advertising and promotion, an internet site and a brochure
» Renting out the holiday home
» Taking care of rental settlement
» Solving problems with tenants
» Opening reception at times to be determined by De Groote Vliet
» Taking care of linen packages and if wanted towel packages
» Checking the holiday home before and after the rental
» Minor repairs/work such as door jams, t.v. setup, etc. (Material costs will be charged if necessary)
» Advice on the condition of the property and making a list of recommendations for maintenance and/or replacement. (If necessary).

Waiting list
If you are seriously interested in our park and there is currently no vacant lot that you prefer. Can we put you on our waiting list, without any obligation? You will then be kept informed of our offer by means of our newsletter mailing, before it goes on official sale. If you have any questions, or if you wish to make a viewing appointment, you can always contact us.

At the moment there are no available lots.

At the moment there are no available lots.