Onderdijk 245-94 (Cederlaan)


  • Existing bungalows, choose from: briks (stone) or Canexel
  • Isolated concrete foundation using piles
  • Bungalows are comfortable and luxurious
  • Including private plot, area varies from 180m2 to 300m2
  • The recreatiepark is open 365 days a year
  • Letting of your accommodation is possible

The bungalows have brick exterior walls or synthetic exterior panelling, with or without an upper floor. The ground floor has a surface area of approx. 50m2. All bungalows are constructed on insulated concrete foundations with piles. All bungalows have been solidly constructed by a local contractor and in accordance with the then prevailing Buildings Decree. Maximum use was made of the space at all times. The bungalows that are for sale are in fact re-sales, which means they often come fully furnished and with a laid-out garden. Plots of land can vary in size and position. Our park is open 365 days a year, but permanent residence is not permitted!

Letting opportunities
You can arrange for your bungalow to be let through us. Our charge for this service: 25% of the rent. The service includes arrangement of keys, advertisements, financial matters, guidance and cleaning.

You are not obliged to arrange letting via us. If you arrange the letting yourself, you must notify the tenants that they need to register with us and give them a barrier key. We can welcome your guests in reception and give them the necessary information. For the sake of safety and emergencies, we like to know who is staying at out park and where.

If you wish your bungalow to be let by us, you are obliged to have your inventory arranged by us as well. This means the differences in term of luxury are minimal and it makes it easier for us to replace items, should that be necessary. It is convenient for the landlords and it prevents complaints.

The fixed charges applicable to our park are available on request.

Waiting list
If you are seriously interested in our park and one or more of your preferred chalets are unavailable, we can place you on our waiting list, free of obligation. We will send you newsletters by email to keep you updated of available chalets before they go on official sale. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Onderdijk 245-94 (Cederlaan)

Onderdijk 245-94 (Cederlaan)