Eatery ‘t Hartje

Eatery ‘t Hartje

Welcome to our eatery ‘t Hartje at recreatiepark De Groote Vliet in Wervershoof (N-H).

We are Rob and Petra Hasselt. We have been at recreatiepark De Groote Vliet for many years now and our children grew up here and, before that, at former camping site Zuiderzee.
 The Oosterdijk, IJsselmeer and the towns of Medemblik, Onderdijk en Wervershoof play a major role in terms of the fantastic surroundings, the atmosphere and mentality of the West Frisians.

We lost our HEARTS here, this is the place where we feel at home.

Here you can eat, drink, play pocket billiards, play darts, have a conversation, sit and relax, watch TV, meet new people and register for the events that are organised at the recreatiepark.

You can also pick up our snacks and meals.

If you want to be on the water, you can rent a motorboat or canoe with us. This is possible despite the closure of our Eetcafé.

We love to socialise and be around people and we are open for you  Monday to Saterday from 12.00 noon to ??? We are closed on Sundays.

We are the proprietors of eatery ‘t Hartje at recreatiepark De Groote Vliet – Onderdijk 247 – 1693 CG Wervershoof.