Our park is completely surrounded by kilometres of boating and fishing water.  It is possible to fish for pike, pike-perch, carp, whitefish, eel, bream, roach, wild carp etc directly from your own chalet or bungalow!    

The canals in our park come out at the similarly named “Groote Vliet”. Just image trolling through kilometres of boating and fishing water in the polders of West Friesland in your own (rented) boat! What we expect from you, as a responsible renter, is to adhere to the current rules with respect to the minimum fish size, to release the caught pike and to adhere to the closed season for certain types of fish.

The carp pond is situation on the terrain. You are allowed to fish with a maximum of two fishing rods per person on the side of the pond from your own jetty. This is our own fishing water, so you don’t need to have a specific fishing permit; you only need to adhere to the rules mentioned below. Magnificent carp swim in this pond but you can also catch eel, bream and whitefish.
In order to ensure that subsequent guests are able to fish with just as much pleasure as you, the following rules are in force:

• Pre-feeding is not allowed.
• It is strictly forbidden to fish for predatory fish (no artificial bait, pieces of fish or live bait
• Every fish caught must be returned immediately with the exception of eel
• You must not leave your fishing rod unattended
• A de-hooking mat is compulsory when fishing for carp

Almost all of the bungalows and chalets which we rent are situated on either the continuous waterway or carp pond. If you would like to rent a chalet or bungalow from us, please let us know your requirements. Perhaps you would like to be by the pond or you may prefer to have your (rented) boat in front of the door? Whatever your requirements, we will always try to satisfy them wherever possible. Furthermore, we don’t charge any extra cost for this service. In addition, when you rent one of our chalets or bungalows, you can always fish in the carp pond or in the “Groote Vliet” via the public jetties.


Chris van de Weerd was born in Wageningen but lives in Grootebroek and is a fishing guide. He has been fishing for whitefish, carp, zander, perch and pike since he was 8 years old. His equipment consists of a fully equipped Alumacraft Escape 165 with a Suzuki 50 HP engine, Suzuki 6 HP engine, Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 55 i-Pilot electric engine, Lowrance fish finder and Lowrance GPS HDS7 Live and a Garmin 122 with Panoptix Live Scope. More information can be found at You can contact him via: 0031-6-53421336 or by mail
Tinus Bieshaar is from Andijk and he is a fishing guide in West Friesland. He like to go fishing for pike, pike-perch and carp. He also has his own boat with which he can go trolling with you.
Further information can be found on its own internet site: You can contact him by mail: or by phone: 0031-6-38266619.

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In summary, in this water-rich area, there is everything that any beginner or experienced fisherman could possibly want!
You can obtain your fishing permit (VISpas) from our reception. It costs € 30,00 and is valid (after you have sent back the second half) for the whole year.

What does the “VISpas” contain?

• The VISpas and its associated List of Fishing Waters allows you to fish in all waters mentioned in the list. You may fish with two rods using the permitted types of bait.
• You will receive one pass as proof of membership of the Federation and Angling Society of the Netherlands (de federatie én Sportvisserij Nederland), which saves a lot of paperwork.
• In this way, you are helping to maintain good control, manage fish population and organise competitions.
• You become a member of the ‘Sportvisserij Nederland’ and accordingly contribute towards the interests of the Dutch angler so that you can and may continue fishing for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to fish in the whole of the Netherlands using just one document. This is due to ownership situations. You will receive a “VISpas” from each society of which you are a member. However, you only need to pay the national contribution to one of the societies. You can ask for a reimbursement later via


Temporary Fishing Permit
This form consists of 2 parts. The top half needs to be completed in full and gives the right to fish in all waters mentioned in both the National list and the Federative list of fishing waters for one month.

If you want to continue fishing after this month, you will need to complete the bottom half of this form in full, and send it stamped to the address stated on the reverse side. Your permanent “VISpas” will then be sent by post to the address you have given within 10 days.

If you don’t complete and fill in the bottom half, and you still want to continue fishing after this month has expired, you will need to purchase this form again and fill in the bottom half.

More information is available at: